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Nova Scotia Land Papers 1765-1800

Tucker, Reuben  —  year: 1796  —  place: Digby County

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Names listed in the documents: Reuben Tucker

In 1794 petitioner purchased a lot of land form Abraham Johnson, a Loyalist who emigrated to the province from New York. The lot, no. 13 on the south side of the old French road leading from the head of the Little Joggin to St. Mary's Bay, containing 200 acres was first assigned to Dr. Tobias, who relinquished his right to the former lands in favor of Johnson. Petitioner has improved the land, and was surprised 6 months ago when informed the land was assigned to the late Judge Hicks. Petitioner prays he may be granted the same.
Plan annexed.
"Requisite to be escheated with other lots in Digby, then granted to the petitioner."
Granted 1797. (See Crown Lands Office).

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