Nova Scotia Archives

Nova Scotia Land Papers 1765-1800

Sherlock, George William and others !!  —  year: 1786  —  place: Halifax County

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Names listed in the documents: George William Sherlock, John Fisher, Samuel Fisher, William Fisher, Josiah Fisher, Alexander Fisher, Robert Geddes, Thomas Reynalds [Reynolds], Stutely Horton, John Hollman [Holmans, Hallman], Forster Sherlock, George McLeod, George Sherlock

Residents in the province 20 years. Had not obtained grants of any lands. Memorial for land "on Muscodoboit River", "to commence a Settlement". Wish for 7000 acres in all. A chart of number of persons and number of acres to each family shows 55 persons with 5500 acres.
"Granted if the lands are vacant" - (In Council 1786)
"Lands suitable." - C. Morris.
Surveyed 5500 acres on the head of the Musquodoboit River, on the north side. Bounded by lands granted John Johnson

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