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CIHM #09427  MacGregor, J. G.  Application of James Gordon MacGregor, M.A., D.Sc., F.R.S.E., F.R.S.C., Munro Professor of Physics in Dalhousie University, Halifax, N.S., for the chair of experimental physics in McGill University, Montreal 
E 99 M6 W53  Wien, Fred,  Socioeconomic characteristics of the Micmac in Nova Scotia / 
F 100 C79  Copp, Walter Ronald.  Nova Scotia and the war of 1812. 
F 100 H25 M22  Maclean, Donald Forrest.  The administration of Sir John Harvey in Nova Scotia 1846-1852 / 
F 100 M19  McKay, Mary Elizabeth.  The first reform administration in Nova Scotia, 1848-1857 / 
F 100 M91 M24  MacPhee, Harvey William.  The administration of the Earl of Mulgrave in Nova Scotia 1858-1863 / 
F 100 Sp2  Spavold, S. W.  Nova Scotia under the administration of Sir Colin Campbell ... this thesis is submitted to partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Dalhousie university. 
F 100 W48 ST6  Stokes, Kathleen Elizabeth.  The character and administration of Governor John Wentworth / 
F 107 M66 M36  Martell, James Stuart.  Pre-Loyalist settlements around Minas Basin : a history of the townships of Cornwallis, Horton, Falmouth, Newport, Windsor, Truro, Onslow and Londonderry, 1755-1783; with a survey of the French period / 
F 5045 C456    The Changing role of the diplomatic function in the making of foreign policy / 
  Tratt, Gertrude E. N.  A survey and listing of Nova Scotia newspapers, 1752-1957 : with particular reference to the period before 1867 / 
    Nova Scotia newspapers : a directory and union list, 1752-1988 / 
F 5221 L44 J11  Jabbra, Nancy W.  Voyageurs to a rocky shore : the Lebanese and Syrians of Nova Scotia / 
F 5249 D226 D226    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia : living with change : a community social profile / 
F 90 P96    Public affairs. 
FC 556 B67 M55 1964  Miller, Carman,  The public life of Sir Frederick Borden / 
FICHE B274  Barrett, L. Gene.  Development and underdevelopment, and the rise of trade unionism in the fishing industry of Nova Scotia, 1900-1950 
FICHE L241  Lamson, Cynthia.  Atlantic fisheries and social science : a guide to sources 
FICHE S644  Smith, Colin L.  The Acadian classics : seventeenth century views of the Micmac Indians / 
G 155 C2 W55 1996  Willsher, Adrian Alexander,  Where are the roads? : the tourist and industrial promotion films of the Nova Scotian Film Bureau, 1945-1970 / 
HC 111 A879 C212    Canada east, choices for change : proceedings of a conference entitled, “Atlantic Canada, what's in it for you?” / 
HC 117 A8 C39 1997    Canada's Oceans Strategies Project--the Atlantic : final report / 
HC K26  Keirstead, B. S.  The economic effects of the war on the Maritime provinces of Canada, 
HD 5329 M82  Currie, Lawrence A.,  A time for change : industrial relations and the Digby strike, 1979-1983 / 
HD 5507 D143  Dalhousie Labour Institute for the Atlantic Provinces  Dalhousie Labour Institute for the Atlantic Provinces, June 11-15, 1979. 

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