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B6 AK5  Akins, Thomas B.,  A sketch of the rise and progress of the Church of England in the British North American provinces / 
HV 6248 S649 B329  Bates, Walter,  The mysterious stranger, or, Memoirs of the notorious Henry More Smith : containing a correct account of his extraordinary conduct during the thirteen months of his confinement in the jail of King's County, province of New Brunswick, where he was convicted of horse stealing, and under sentence of death : also a sketch of his l 
AK B12 B75  Brewster, J.  A letter to the Wesleyan Sabbath-school children, of Halifax, N.S. containing an account of the happy death of Betsy Hollett / 
B 13 C65 SE8 v.1  Cogswell, William,  Six lectures on the Acts of the Apostles : delivered in the parish church of St. Paul, Halifax, Nova-Scotia, during the season of Lent, A.D. 1836 / 
AK B13 C65c  Cogswell, William,  We shew the Lord's death till He come : a sermon preached in St. Paul's Church, Halifax, N.S., 1835 / 
AK B2 N85a  Cooney, Robert,  The judgment seat of Christ : a sermon preached in the Wesleyan Chapel at Guysborough on Sunday, 7th of January 1838 / 
AK HE 1 SH9a  Fairbanks, Charles R.  Reports and papers relating to a canal intended to connect the harbour of Halifax with the Basin of Mines [i.e. Minas] : remarks on its nature and importance, and a plan and section : also, the report of a survey for canals between St. Peter's Bay and the Bras d'Or Lake in Cape Breton, and the Bay of Fundy and Bay of Verte. 
AK B12 G79  Gray, J. W. D.,  A brief view of the scriptural authority and historical evidence of infant baptism : and a reply to objections urged in the treatise of E.A. Crawley, A.M. / 
AK F90 H22  Halifax Harmonic Society.  Rules and regulations of the Halifax Harmonic Society / 
V/F V. 12 # 15  Law Library (Halifax, N.S.).  Catalogue of books, in the law library at Halifax / 
AK B12 M22  McLeod, Alexander W.  Universalism in its modern and ancient form : brought to the test ; and without the argument from aion, aionios, etc. shown to be unscriptural / 
AK B12 M22m  McLeod, Alexander W.  The Methodist ministry defended : a reply to the arguments in favour of the divine institution, and the uninterrupted succession of Episcopacy ... as stated in a letter to the author by the Rev. Charles J. Shreve, Rector of Guysborough / 
AK B13 M47  Meeke, W.  For a small parish in Newfoundland : a plain sermon to a plain people / 
AK B4 B56  Richey, Matthew,  A memoir of the late Rev. William Black, Wesleyan minister, Halifax, N.S. : including an account of the rise and progress of Methodism in Nova Scotia, characteristic notices of several individuals ; with copious extracts from the unpublished correspondence of the Rev. John Wesley, Rev. Dr. Coke, Rev. Freeborn Garretson, etc. / 
B12 R39  Richey, Matthew,  A short and scriptural method with antipedobaptists containing strictures on the Rev. E.A. Crawley's treatise on baptism in reply to the Rev. W. Elder's letters on that subject / 
V/F V.519 #17  Richey, Matthew,  A funeral discourse on occasion of the death of Mrs. J. A. Barry.../ 
V/F v.206 #4  Sommerville, William,  Antipedobaptism : a letter to the Rev. John Pryor / 
AK B12 T21  Taylor, Thomas,  The Baptist commentator reviewed : two letters to the Rev. William Jackson on Christian baptism, with occasional notices of the Rev. E.A. Crawley's Treatise on baptism and an appendix containing strictures on an article entitled the “Baptismal controversy” in the Nova Scotia Baptist magazi 
AK B12 Y8  Young, Robert,  The character, and overthrow of idolatry : a sermon preached at Halifax, Nova-Scotia, February 14, 1830, in behalf of the Wesleyan Mission Fund / 
AK B2 C46g    The Christian gem. 
AK B12 C76    Confessions of a convert, from baptism in water to baptism with water. 
AK F 100 N85t    Nova Scotia tariff : from and after 31st March, 1849. 
AK F 107 H 13ca    Celebration of the centenery [sic] anniversary of the settlement of the city of Halifax, June 8th, 1849. 
AK F 107 H13g 1832    To the honourable House of Representatives of the province of Nova Scotia, in general assembly now convened : the petition of the subscribers the grocers of the town of Halifax. 
AK F17 B47jo    The Gospel of St. John. 

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