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AK B8 M35  Marsden, Joshua,  The narrative of a mission to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Somers Islands, with a tour to Lake Ontario : to which is added, The Mission, an original poem, with copious notes, also a brief account of missionary societies, and much interesting information on missions in general / 
AK F 100 R27    Relief to poor settlers : report of committe. 
AK F 100 ST5  Stirling, Alexander Humphrys-Alexander,  Narrative of the oppressive law proceedings, and other measures resorted to by the British government, and numerous private individuals, to overpower the Earl of Stirling, and subvert his lawful rights : also a genealogical account of the family of Alexander, earls of Stirling, &c. ... followed by an historical view of their hereditary possessions in Nova Scotia, Canada, &c. by Ephraim Lockhart ; with a copious appendix of royal charters and other documen 
AK F 100 T84  Tupper, Charles  Speech delivered by the Hon. Provincial Secretary, (Dr. Tupper) in the constitutional debate : House of Assembly, March 20, 1858. 
AK F 100 W69  Wilson, John,  A genuine narrative of the transactions in Nova Scotia, : since the settlement, June 1749, till August the 5th, 1751; in which the nature, soil, and produce of the country are related, with the particular attempts of the Indians to disturb the colony / 
AK F 100 Y8  Young, George Renny,  Letters to the Rt. Hon. Lord Stanley, H.M. Secretary of state for the colonies : and opinion, shewing that the proposed repeal of the union existing between the island of Cape Breton and Nova-Scotia, would be unconstitutional ; as well as inexpedient when viewed as a question of general colonial policy. 
AK F100 C26  Broun, R.  Case of the honourable the baronets of Scotland and Nova Scotia : shewing their rights and privileges, dignitorial and territorial. 
AK F100 C75  Jefferys, Thomas,  The conduct of the French, with regard to Nova Scotia, Virginia, and other parts of the continent of North America : from its first settlement to the present time : in which are exposed the falshood and absurdity of their arguments made use of to elude the force of the Treaty of Utrecht, and support their unjust proceedings : in a letter to a member of Parliament. 
AK F100 C88  Crosskill, John H.,  A comprehensive outline of the geography & history of Nova-Scotia : from the discovery of America to the sixth year of the reign of Queen Victoria : principally adapted for instructing the youth of Nova-Scotia in the history of their native land / 
AK F74 R31    Responsible government : letters to the Rt. Hon. Lord John Russell ... on the right of British Americans to be governed by the principles of the British Constitution. 
AK F75 W65  Wilkins, Martin I.  Speeches delivered by Hon. Martin I. Wilkins, (attorney general) in the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia, session 1868, on resolutions relative to repeal of the “British North America Act, 1867” / 
AK F82 M68 #10  Nova Scotia. Board of agriculture.  Formation of county agricultural societies / 
AK F90 B22    Banter. 
AK F90 B77    British North American Magazine, and Colonial Journal. 
AK F90 G76    Grand rounds. 
AK F91 N85  Nova Scotia. Dept. of Industries and Immigration.  Information for intending emigrants to the province of Nova Scotia (Dominion of Canada) / 
AK F93 ST4  Stewart, Charles.  In memoriam : biographical sketches of Mrs. David Starr, her daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Starr, and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. D. Henry Starr. 
AK F95 M28  Maillard,  Lettre de M. l'abbe Maillard sur les missions de l'Acadie et particulierement sur les missions micmaques : a Madame de Drucourt. 
AK F95 R14  Rameau, E.  Une colonie feódale en Amérique (L'Acadie, 1604-1710) / 
AM 1 N935 C975 #60  Penney, Allen.  The Simeon Perkins house : an architectural interpretation, 1767-1987 / 
AM 1 N935 C975 #88  Raymond, Brent.  Tracing the built form of HMC Dockyard / 
AM 1 N935 C975 #91  Robertson, Carmelita.  Black loyalists of Nova Scotia : tracing the history of Tracadie loyalists 1776-1787 / 
AM 1 N935 C975 #92  Powell, Stephen Beaumont,  Archaeological surveys in two Black communities, 1998 : surveying the Tracadie area and testing two sites in Birchtown / 
AM 1 N935 C975 #93  Niven, Laird.  Was this the home of Stephen Blucke? : the excavation of AkDi-23, Birchtown, Shelburne County / 
AM 1 N935 C975 #94    The Shelburne Black loyalists : a short biography of all Blacks emigrating to Shelburne County, Nova Scotia after the American revolution 1783 / 

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