Nova Scotia Archives

Lunenburg by the Sea

John Henry Kaulbach


Two nineteenth-century oil portraits of Kaulbach family members, both by an unknown artist, are among the holdings of the Nova Scotia Archives. The donor, Rupert Kaulbach, son of Senator Henry A.N. Kaulbach, believed that the portraits were of Martin von Kaulbach (who arrived on the Ann in 1750) and his wife, Frederica. J. Murray Beck, however, in his research paper on “The Creightons, Rudolfs, Kaulbachs, and Zwickers,” has questioned this (p.59), noting that Martin’s wife was Ann Magdalena, not Frederica, and that the costumes shown are nineteenth-century, not from the mid-1700s. It is more likely that the portraits are of Sheriff John Henry Kaulbach and his wife Sophia Frederica - the senator’s parents, and Rupert Kaulbach’s grandparents.

Date: ca. 1830

Photographer: artist unknown

Reference no.: Documentary Art Collection Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 1979-147 no. 292