Nova Scotia Archives

J.A.D. McCurdy

and the Silver Dart: Canada's 'First Aerial Navigator'

J.A.D. McCurdy sitting in a Curtiss bi-plane at Daytona Beach, Florida

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The photograph is in postcard format. J.A.D. McCurdy's "Address given at the 19th Annual Meeting or The Telephone Association of Canada on July 1st, 1948" mentions Glenn H. Curtiss was a member of Alexander Graham Bell's Aerial Experiment Association. Hon. McCurdy described Curtiss as, "a motor cycle manufacturer who probably had at that time the greatest knowledge relating to light gasoline engines." [Maritime Telegraph & Telephone & Associate Companies' Employees, The Monthly Bulletin, July 1948, p. 128]

Date: 28 March 1911

Reference no.: J.A.D. McCurdy Nova Scotia Archives accession no. 2007-058 vol. 003 no. 14