Nova Scotia Archives

Aileen Meagher

Olympic Medallist and 'Canada's Flying Schoolmarm'

Aileen Meagher and her students in class


The Montreal Star, 26 October 1963, included this photograph with the caption ''Her daily workday routine is that of any other teacher in the Halifax public school system. Young scholars are attentive as Miss Meagher details the day's work on the ever present blackboard. She has won a Beaverbrook prize and shown in Montreal and Winnipeg.'' [MG 1, volume 2998, no. 2, p. 295] Aileen spent the last two years of her career teaching art; she retired in 1969. One studio room wall in her home was decorated with panels painted by her class at St. Mary's School. Her class painted a panel which decorated the school door each Christmas season. When the school closed, Aileen was given the art.

Date: October 1963

Photographer: Jerry Waterfield

Reference no.: Aileen Meagher Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 vol. 2998 no. 1 p. 1095 /  microfilm no.: 9489