Nova Scotia Archives

Aileen Meagher

Olympic Medallist and 'Canada's Flying Schoolmarm'

Aileen Meagher, her students and their trophies


The Montreal Star, 26 October 1963, included this photograph with the caption, ''After hours, youngsters never weary of looking over trophies their teacher won in both track and art. Perhaps they dream of emulating her. In background are some of the 'exhibits' created by her students. Her ambition as an artist is to travel and paint in many foreign lands.'' Meagher deleted the words ''trophies their'' and inserted ''their CNE [Canadian National Exhibition] trophies!'' [MG 1, vol. 2998, no. 2, p. 295]

Date: 1963

Reference no.: Aileen Meagher Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 vol. 2998 no. 2 p. 323 /  microfilm no.: 9489