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Copy of "Treaty of Peace and Friendship" between Jonathon Belcher and Francis Muis

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Treaty of Peace and Friendship concluded by the Honorable Jonathan Belcher Esquire President of His Majesty's Council and commander in chief in and over His Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia or Acadia with Francis Mius Chief of the La Hêve Tribe of Indians, at Halifax in the the Province of Nova Scotia or Acadia.

I Francis Mius for myself and the Tribe of La Hêve Indians of which I am chief, so ackowledge the Jurisdiction and Dominion of His Majesty King George the third over the territories of Nova Scotia or Acadia and we do make submission to His Majesty in the most ample and solemn manner.

And I do promise for myself and my Tribe that I nor they shall not molest any of His Majesty's subjects or their dependants in their settlements already made or to be hereafter made; or in carrying on their commerce, or in any thing whatever within this the Province of His said Majesty or elsewhere.

And if any insults, Robbery or Outrage shall happen. to be committed by any of my Tribe, satisfaction and Restitution shall be made to the person or persons injured.

That neither I nor my Tribe shall in any manner. entice any of His said Majesty's Troops or soldiers to defeat, nor in any manner assist in conveying them away, but on the contrary will do our utmost endeavours to bring them back to the company, Regiment, fort or garrison to which they shall belong

That if any quarrel or misunderstanding shall happen between myself and the English, or between them and any of my Tribe neither I nor they shall take any private satisfaction or revenge but we [?will]

Date: 1761

Retrieval no.: Commissioner of Public Records — Indians series Nova Scotia Archives RG 1 Vol. 430 No. 20a