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1749 Renewal at Chebucto of the Treaty of 1725

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Signed at Chebucto (Kjipuktuk, now Halifax), 15 August 1749, by "Joannes Pedousaghtigh, Chief of the Tribe of Chignecto Indians" and "Deputies from the Chiefs of the St. Johns Indians," and witnessed by members of His Majesty's Council for Nova Scotia. The signing ceremony was held on board HMS Beaufort in Halifax Harbour, and the table used for the ceremony is now in the Legislative Council Chamber at Province House in Halifax.

This is an original document. It copies the wording of the 1725 Treaty, to which a renewal is appended at the end.

A reproduction was included in Thomas B. Akins, editor, Selections from the public documents of the Province of Nova Scotia (Halifax, 1869).

Transcript is from W. E. Daugherty, Maritime Indian treaties in historical perspective (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 1981); Renewal of the Treaty of 1725 (Chebucto 1749) in their treaty series.

Date: 1749

Retrieval no.: Peace and Friendship Treaties Nova Scotia Archives O/S No. 512