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Journals and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia

Each volume of the annual Journals and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia includes an index. The relevant index references to 'Indians' and 'Indian Affairs' for the years 1818 to 1852 have been extracted and are listed below. The references lead primarily to petitions directed to the Indian Commissioners and to annual reports of the Commissioners, plus related appendices.

The appropriate microfilm retrieval numbers for these annual JHA volumes are 3528 (1800-1818), 3529 (1819-1832), 3530 (1832-1838), 3531 (1838-1842), 3532 (1843-1846), 3533 (1847-1849) and 3534 (1849-1852).

Indexed under "Indians"...

  •  Volume XII 1815 - 1818 

  •  Volume XIII 1819-1820 

  •  Volume XIV 1820 - 1826 

  •  Volume XV 1827 - 1830 

  • Page 208
    Petition of Andrew alias James Muice, acting Chief of the Western parts of NS, "praying the suppression of the Selling of Strong Liquors to Indians in this province."

    On motion of Mr. Haliburton, resolved, that a Committee be appointed to inquire and report "how practicable to prevent the retailing of Spirituous Liquors to Indians, and to prepare a Bill to restrain the same."

    Mr. Church, pursuant to leave given, presented a Bill to "restrain the Sale of Spirituous Liquors to Indians" and the same was read a first time.

    A "petition of Indians of Pomket was presented praying redress of an injury done to them by a grant of land to an individual having been made out of their reserve."

    A petition of Samuel Paul, Chief, and three others (Principal Officers of the Eastern Tribe), praying the passing of a law to prevent the "sale of rum to Indians and that some method may be adopted to teach a number of the most active Indian Boys to read and write."

    The Committee recommends 50 pounds be placed at the disposal of the "Reverend Gentleman who petitions in favor of the unfortunate Indians" for schools and settling.

    Mr. Secretary George presented to the House several accounts of the expenditure of the 250 pound grant made by the Legislature, 1827, for the "relief of the Indians" together with an abstract and statement of the distribution and various articles purchased.

    Twenty-one resolutions granting various sums listed including 100-pounds "for the relief of Indians."

    Petition of Andrew Muse, Chief, and others praying "a grant in aid of the road leading from Bear River Bridge through the Indians' settlement, in the county of Annapolis to Lake Hill."

    Petition of Andrew Meuse, Chief, praying aid for a road, referred to the Committee of Supply.

    One hundred pounds granted to Judge Wiswell and Rev. Sigoyne on the petition of Andrew Meuse, Chief, to "aid the Indians in erecting a Chapel in their settlement at Bear River, in the county of Annapolis.

    Twenty pounds granted and paid to "build the bridge and open and improve the road from the Bear River Bridge to the Indian Settlement in the township of Clements," pursuant to the petition of Chief Andrew Meuse.

    Bill no. 185
    To "restrain the sale of spirituous liquors to Indians," 424, 425.

    Bill no. 199
    To "regulate the sale of spirituous liquors to Indians," 445, 449, 450, 462.

    Amended Bill assented to by Council with title "An Act to prevent the Sale of Spirituous Liquors to Indians, and to provide for their Instruction," 484.
    Assent of Governor, 506.

    Communications no. 45
    With account of "expenditure of grant for relief of Indians" 492.

    Petition no. 69
    From "Indian Chief for suppression of selling of spirituous liquors to Indians (presented at Bar of House by an Indian), 208, 254.

    Petition no. 136
    Of "Francis Penall, and Indian, for aid in the erection of a Barn at Gold River in Chester," 383, 418, 461, 462.

    Petition no. 149
    Of Rev. S. Lawlor, for "aid towards instruction of Indians" in Cape Breton, 390, 391, 460, 472.

    Petition no. 174
    From "Indians at Pomket for redress of injury by a grant made of a part of their reserve," 242.

    Petition no. 175
    Of "Chiefs of Indians of Eastern Tribe, for law to prevent the sale of rum, and to further education among the Indians, 424, see Bill. no. 199.

    Petition no. 205
    Of "Chief of Indians at Bear River," for aid towards erecting a chapel, 584, 646, 701, 714.

  •  Volume XVI Part 1st - 1830 

  •  Volume XVI Part 2nd - 1832 

  •  Volume XVI Part 3rd - 1833 

  •  Volume XVI Part 4th - 1834 

  •  Volume XVI Part 5th - 1834 - 1835 

  •  Volume XVI Part 6th - 1836 

  •  Volume XVII Part 1st - 1837 

  •  Volume XVII Part 2nd - 1838 

  •  Volume XVII Part 3rd - 1839 

  •  Volume XVII Part 4th - 1840  

  •  Volume XVIII Part 1st - 1841 

  •  Volume XVIII Part 2nd - 1842 

  •  Volume XVIII Part 3rd - 1843 

  •  Volume XIX Part 2nd - 1845 

  •  Volume XIX Part 3rd - 1846 

  •  Volume XIX Part 4th - 1847 

  •  Volume XX Part 1st - 1848 

  •  Volume XX Part 2nd - 1849 

  •  Volume XX Part 3rd - 1850 

  •  Volume XX Part 4th - 1851 

  •  Volume XX1 Part 1st - 1851 Session 2nd and 1852