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Each volume of the annual Journals and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia includes an index. The relevant index references to 'Indians' and 'Indian Affairs' for the years 1818 to 1852 have been extracted and are listed below. The references lead primarily to petitions directed to the Indian Commissioners and to annual reports of the Commissioners, plus related appendices.

The appropriate microfilm retrieval numbers for these annual JHA volumes are 3528 (1800-1818), 3529 (1819-1832), 3530 (1832-1838), 3531 (1838-1842), 3532 (1843-1846), 3533 (1847-1849) and 3534 (1849-1852).

Indexed under "Indians"...

  •  Volume XII 1815 - 1818 

  •  Volume XIII 1819-1820 

  •  Volume XIV 1820 - 1826 

  •  Volume XV 1827 - 1830 

  •  Volume XVI Part 1st - 1830 

  •  Volume XVI Part 2nd - 1832 

  •  Volume XVI Part 3rd - 1833 

  •  Volume XVI Part 4th - 1834 

  •  Volume XVI Part 5th - 1834 - 1835 

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  •  Volume XIX Part 3rd - 1846 

  •  Volume XIX Part 4th - 1847 

  •  Volume XX Part 1st - 1848 

  • Indian Affairs : Committee on, appointed, 28
    Ordered that Mr. Doyle, Mr. McLeod, Mr. Budd, Mr. Harrington, and Mr. Mott be a Select Committee to "examine and report upon all matters connected with Indian Affairs."

    Presented to the House Reports, the accounts and vouchers "connected with the expenditure of the Grant of last sessions in aid of the Indians." Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

    A report from Abraham Gesner, Acting Commissioner for Indian Affairs for the western part of the province for the year 1847, together with papers and accounts connected therewith.
    Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

    Appendix no. 24
    Abraham Gesner, Acting Commissioner for Indian Affairs, informs he has completed his mission "to the Indians in the western counties" and begs leave to submit some of the facts that will be fully embraced in his report at the end of the year. Includes, by county, tallies of population, births, deaths, livelihoods, The "Indians will hold a Grand Council this autumn and" he has "promised to be present at their deliberations." Recommends a province-wide census to "revive the spirits of the Indians who, since the resignation of Mt. Howe, had supposed their cause had been given up."
    Includes translated quote from John Jeremy to thank the Queen and the Governor.

    Abraham Gesner, Commissioner for Indian Affairs, reports completion of a census of "all the Micmacs belonging to Nova Scotia proper" and of the whole nation. Includes total acreage of cultivated lands in his district by crop. Reminds that "in the annual grant made by parliament of 15000 pounds to the Indians of Canada, these Micmacs do not participate." Indicates he is not paid for his services.

    Report on Indian Affairs by Abraham Gesner, Commissioner for Indian Affairs. Exhaustive, eloquent, enthusiastic report by Gesner covering [his interpretations and opinions of] the history, recent history, genealogy, culture, suffering, chief occupations, etc. Includes censuses, acreage of reserves, acreage of cleared lands, crops planted. Claims "the Micmacs of NS have wasted away under the small relief afforded them." Also includes accounts of expenditures, with specific Mi'kmaq recipients named.

    Monday, Feb. 28th. The Hon. Mr. Huntington, presented the report of the Commissioners for Indian Affairs for the Island of Cape Breton for the year 1847, with their account current and vouchers for the same.

    Appendix no. 36
    The report of the Commissioners for Indian Affairs for the Island of Cape Breton for the year 1847. Dodd and Crawley regret to state , as a consequence of the continuance of "unpropitious seasons" a severe but hopefully temporary disadvantageous interruption "has been given to the progress of Indians in agricultural occupations." From the pressure of three years' accumulated failures in crops and loss of livestock, "the Indians have been forced to desert their agricultural settlements and disperse over the country in search of subsistence." Thus, the greater part of the sum for their relief was used to purchase food throughout the winter. It is believed "the Tribe has not been diminished in number during the late disastrous years; and it is the satisfactory consideration that the aid afforded by the Legislature has mainly contributed …to their preservation."
    Includes names of Mi'kmaq who received relief, amounts, and reason.

    Ordered that Mr. Henry and Mr. Kedy be added to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

    The Provincial Secretary presented to the House a letter from the members of the county of Sydney, "setting forth the destitute and starving condition of the Indians in that county, and praying that measures may be taken to alleviate their distress."
    Ordered that the letter be referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs. 160

    Mr. Henry reported from the Committee on Indian Affairs.
    Ordered that the report be received, and that the part thereof recommending a grant of money be referred to the Committee of Supply.

    Appendix no. 88
    Henry, Budd, McLeod, Mott, Doyle, and Kedy reported an over expenditure of almost one hundred pounds over the annual grant, plus eighteen pounds recommended.

    Re: petition of Joseph Gloade, Chief, and others praying for restrictions to be put on the destruction of moose by persons as a sport; also "complaining of justices in sessions making regulations against Indians spearing salmon on certain days of the week." The Committee, though desirous of protecting moose, cannot "suggest any practical means of preventing the evil complained of…" Re: petition of Louis Luxy, praying for provisions for the Mi'kmaq at Fairy Lake and assistance in opening a road to a chapel in Caledonia, and also against the justices in sessions restricting them to spearing salmon five days a week only. Recommended the petition to the Executive and the person appointed to allot provisions in that area. As to the salmon, the committee "are averse to suggest any interference with regulations which have a decided effect in protecting and element of wealth and comfort to the inhabitants of this country so important as the salmon fishery." Re: petition of Christmas Toney of Cape Breton for provisions and seed. Recommended to the Executive. The committee "are strongly of the opinion that the system heretofore pursued of doling small sums for…mere temporary benefit has done perhaps as much in jury in one way as good…" Comments on Gesner's report on Indian Affairs. Includes statement of expenditure and other petitions, briefly.

    Resolved that the sum of three hundred be granted "for the benefit of the Indians…to be expended agreeably to the Acts of the General Assembly to provide for the instruction and permanent settlement of the Indians."

    Sixty-four Council Resolutions including grant, above and sum below.

    Resolved that the sum of ninety-nine pounds + be granted for the purpose of defraying that amount over expended by the Government for "the benefit of the Indians" pursuant to the Report of the Committee.

    You may also look under...

    Petition no. 11

    Petitions referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs:
    Of Dr. Tupper (in part), 29
    Of Dr. Hamilton, Cornwallis, 30
    Of Joseph Glode and others, Chief and Captain, for law relative to moose and spearing of salmon, 37
    Of Overseers of Poor, Liverpool, (in part), 49
    Of Dr. Forbes, Liverpool, 66
    Of Dr. Wilobycke, Liverpool, 67
    Of Lewis Luny [sic], Chief, for aid, 71
    Of Christmas Tona, Chief, for seed, 157

    Petitions not referred to Committee on Indian Affairs:
    Of Rev. J. Comeau, P. P., for aid "towards religious and moral instruction of Indians who yearly congregate on the Bras D'Or Lake, 76
    For grant for various services ; see pages 178, 198 157
    Petition of Christmas Toma, Chief, presented and read.
    Ordered referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

  •  Volume XX Part 2nd - 1849 

  •  Volume XX Part 3rd - 1850 

  •  Volume XX Part 4th - 1851 

  •  Volume XX1 Part 1st - 1851 Session 2nd and 1852