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Each volume of the annual Journals and Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Nova Scotia includes an index. The relevant index references to 'Indians' and 'Indian Affairs' for the years 1818 to 1852 have been extracted and are listed below. The references lead primarily to petitions directed to the Indian Commissioners and to annual reports of the Commissioners, plus related appendices.

The appropriate microfilm retrieval numbers for these annual JHA volumes are 3528 (1800-1818), 3529 (1819-1832), 3530 (1832-1838), 3531 (1838-1842), 3532 (1843-1846), 3533 (1847-1849) and 3534 (1849-1852).

Indexed under "Indians"...

  •  Volume XII 1815 - 1818 

  •  Volume XIII 1819-1820 

  •  Volume XIV 1820 - 1826 

  •  Volume XV 1827 - 1830 

  •  Volume XVI Part 1st - 1830 

  •  Volume XVI Part 2nd - 1832 

  •  Volume XVI Part 3rd - 1833 

  •  Volume XVI Part 4th - 1834 

  •  Volume XVI Part 5th - 1834 - 1835 

  •  Volume XVI Part 6th - 1836 

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  •  Volume XVIII Part 2nd - 1842 

  •  Volume XVIII Part 3rd - 1843 

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  •  Volume XIX Part 3rd - 1846 

  •  Volume XIX Part 4th - 1847 

  •  Volume XX Part 1st - 1848 

  •  Volume XX Part 2nd - 1849 

  •  Volume XX Part 3rd - 1850 

  •  Volume XX Part 4th - 1851 

  • Page 628
    Ordered that Mr. Henry, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Blackadar, Mr. McKeagney, and Mr. Weir be a Select Committee "to examine and report upon all matters connected with Indian Affairs."

    A report from Dr. WJ Anderson, Pictou, "relative to the attempt at educating two Indian boys under the direction of the government," with accounts and vouchers.
    Referred to Committee on Indian Affairs.

    Report from Crawley, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Cape Breton, with two letters addressed to him as Commissioner respecting "encroachments on the Indian reserves in that Island."

    Appendix no. 64
    Crawley reported expenditures of the Indian grant for Cape Breton, used to buy provisions sold to those able to buy and given free to the "aged, infirm, and destitute." The rest purchased seed, also given free. The potato crop of last season, as elsewhere in the country, failed. Reports "nothing has been done…towards educating the Indian children. The limited amount of the grant hardly allows an expenditure for that object…" A petition to the Assembly for a school house at Escasiuck was "found to have been got up by a schoolmaster resident near that settlement."
    Begs to recur "to the subject which has had a place in all previous reports which it has been my duty to lay before the government, the protection of the Indian Lands." Includes letters of Mi'kmaq at Whycocomagh complaining of trespass and violence from "certain individuals who have settled on the …reserve." There are more than 20 families of "Scotch people settled on and cultivating the Indian tract at Wagamatcook, and continually appropriating additional portions of it."
    "It appears that no means will be effectual short of destroying the houses and barns of the trespassers now existing, and as often as they are rebuilt."
    States it would be "nothing more than justice" to allow the Mi'kmaq to vote at the election of members for the county.
    Includes letter from: Inhabitants of Whycocomagh, Indian River re: "dread of their life" from threats by Donald Morrison and Philip MacDonald who "took his pistol and was going to shoot Steven Googie's children."
    Includes letter from: Peter Gougou, John Newel, Gaspar Mense of Whycocomagh re: Morrison's encroachment on their land. There are four more houses and "they threaten us every day."

    Mr. Henry reported from the Committee on Indian Affairs.
    Ordered received by the House.

    Appendix no. 91
    Committee on Indian Affairs reported. Considered petitions of several physicians for "services and supplies to Indians." Considered petitions of Brookfield Mi'kmaq for aid to erect a bridge; did not recommend it. Rejected petitions for medical services to Mi'kmaq as they were "not certified in the manner prescribed by the resolution of the House last year." Remonnends prompt action taken to prevent harm to the "harmless and unprotected people" of Whycocomagh (as per Crawley's report, above) and bringing the offenders to punishment. Mentions Michael Christmas as having "abandoned his intention of becoming an Indian teacher." Granted three pounds to Newel Jeddore. Lists non-Mi'kmaq recipients of Indian grant monies.
    Notes Committee member Alfred Whitman objected to the mode of distribution of funds.

    Resolved that three hundred twenty-nine pounds granted "for the benefit of the Indians."

    Sixty-two Council Resolutions including grant, above. Amount recorded as three hundred pounds only.

    Mr. McKeagney moved "that the report as to closing the Committee be not received, but that the House do again resolve itself into the Committee of Supply, for the purpose of coming to the following resolution, viz: 'Resolved that the sun of fifty pounds be placed at the disposal of …the Lt. Gov. for the purpose of having religious instruction imparted to the Indians of the Bras D'Or Lake.'"
    Was seconded. Superseded by adjournment.

    Petition no. 14
    Petitions referred to Committee
    Of Dr. Willobycki, Liverpool, 633
    Of Indians of Brookfield, for grant to build bridge, 658-9
    Of Dr. James Forbes, 659
    Of Dr. Howard Hooper, 659
    Of Robert H. Bath, 664
    Of Dr. McDonald, 666

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    Ordered that Mr. Brown be added to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

  •  Volume XX1 Part 1st - 1851 Session 2nd and 1852