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Intended to complement and provide context for the archival holdings at Nova Scotia Archives, the Library includes many unique and rare titles and in its scope and content, covers all aspects of Nova Scotia history. Nearly 300 titles relate directly to the Mi'kmaq, and have been entered into a special Library Database created for the Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide.

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Author Title
Miller, Virginia P. The decline of Nova Scotia Micmac population, A.D. 1600-1850 /
Hunting and fishing in Nova Scotia : a sportsman's guide /
Whitehead, Ruth Holmes. Nova Scotia : the protohistoric period 1500-1630 /
Mather, Cotton, Magnalia Christi Americana : the ecclesiastical history of New-England, from its first planting, in the year 1620, unto the year 1698 /
Reports of the Nova Scotia Advisory Committees on Constitutional Issues.
The report of the committee on the Micmac mission.
Rand, Silas Tertius, [Letter] to the editor of the Christian Messenger on the Micmac Mission /
West, John, A journal of a mission to the Indians of the British provinces, of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and the Mohawks, on the Ouse, or Grand River, Upper Canada /
Maillard, An account of the customs and manners of the Micmakis and Maricheets savage nations, now dependent on the government of Cape-Breton : from an original French manuscript-letter, never published, written by a French abbot, who resided many years, in quality
Rand, Silas Tertius, A short statement of facts relating to the history, manners, customs, language, and literature of the Micmac tribe of Indians, in Nova-Scotia and P.E. Island : being the substance of two lectures delivered in Halifax, in November, 1819, at public meetings
Rand, Silas Tertius, A short account of the Lord's work among the Micmac Indians /
Rand, Silas Tertius, A brief statement respecting the Micmac mission /
The gospel according to Saint Matthew in Micmac language.
Picture word edition of the Roman Catholic Catechism.
Rand, Silas Tertius, Dictionary of the language of the Micmac Indians, who reside in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and Newfoundland /
Rand, Silas Tertius, A first reading book in the Micmac language : comprising the Micmac numerals, and the names of the different kinds of beasts, birds, fishes, trees, [etc.] of the Maritime provinces of Canada, also some of the Indian names of places, and many familiar word
The book of Exodus.
Gesner, Abraham, The best of Abraham Gesner /
Soucoup, Dan, Maritime firsts : historic events, inventions & achievements /
Joe, Rita, Song of Rita Joe : autobiography of a Mi'kmag poet /
Maroun, Louis J. Attitudes of minorities to criminal justice services in Nova Scotia /
Our heritage : a teacher resource package for heritage study.
[Submission to Committee on Human Rights]
Micmac hymns.
Micmac aboriginal title.

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