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Intended to complement and provide context for the archival holdings at Nova Scotia Archives, the Library includes many unique and rare titles and in its scope and content, covers all aspects of Nova Scotia history. Nearly 300 titles relate directly to the Mi'kmaq, and have been entered into a special Library Database created for the Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide.

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Author Title
Bonner, Mary Graham. Made in Canada /
Grant, John Webster, Moon of wintertime : missionaries and the Indians of Canada in encounter since 1534 /
Patterson, E. Palmer, The Canadian Indian : a history since 1500 /
Micmac people.
The Canadian Indian : Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.
Brand, Johanna, The life and death of Anna Mae Aquash /
Tuck, James A., Maritime Provinces prehistory /
McGee, Harold Franklin. The native peoples of Atlantic Canada : a history of ethnic interaction /
Leavitt, Robert, Maliseet & Micmac : first Nations of the Maritimes /
Information kit /
Clarke, George Frederick, Someone before us : our Maritime Indians.
Stoddard, Natalie B. Indian tools of Nova Scotia /
Stoddard, Natalie B. Micmac foods /
Pastore, Ralph T. Micmac colonization of Newfoundland /
Pacifique, Sainte Anne au cap-Breton : conference du P. Pacifique, sur l'Ile des Sauvages.
Pacifique, Le pays des Micmacs /
Christmas, Peter. Wejkwapniaq /
Blakeley, Phyllis R. The Micmacs /
Bock, Philip K. The Micmac Indians of Restigouche : history and contemporary description /
Fidelholtz, James Lawrence. Micmac morphophonemics
Allen, Gillian. The Mi'kmaq bibliography : a guide to secondary sources /
Champlain, Samuel de, Algonquians, Hurons, and Iroquois : Champlain explores America, 1603-1616 : being The voyages and explorations of Samuel de Champlain (1604-1616) /
Rand, Silas Tertius, A specimen of the Micmac dictionary : being prepared at the expense of the dominion government of Canada /
Upton, Leslie F. S., Micmac resistance in Nova Scotia, 1714-1740 /
Delisle, Gilles L. Micmac teaching grammar : preliminary version /

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