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Intended to complement and provide context for the archival holdings at Nova Scotia Archives, the Library includes many unique and rare titles and in its scope and content, covers all aspects of Nova Scotia history. Nearly 300 titles relate directly to the Mi'kmaq, and have been entered into a special Library Database created for the Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide.

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Author Title
Whitehead, Ruth Holmes. Micmac quillwork : Micmac Indian techniques of porcupine quill decoration, 1600-1950 /
Survey of documents available for research in the Treaties and Historical Research Centre /
Daugherty, Wayne. Maritime Indian treaties in historical perspective /
Micmac-Maliseet education : a publication of the Micmac-Maliseet Institute.
Gonzalez, Ellice Becker. Changing economic roles for Micmac men and women : an ethnohistorical analysis /
Nietfeld, Patricia Kathleen Linskey, Determinants of aboriginal Micmac political structure
Whitehead, Ruth Holmes. The Micmac : how their ancestors lived five hundred years ago /
Wien, Fred, Socioeconomic characteristics of the Micmac in Nova Scotia /
Barkhouse, Joyce, The witch of Port LaJoye /
Dumont-Johnson, Micheline, Apôtres ou agitateurs : la France missionnaire en Acadie /
Moore, Dorothy E. Micmac culture and the multiculturalism policy /
DeBlois, Albert D. Micmac lexicon /
Nova Scotia seniors in song. A New Horizons project.
Boudreau, Lynda Kuhn. Economic development strategies and the Micmac of Nova Scotia
Parsons, Elsie Clews Micmac folklore /
The ... annual report of the Committee of the Micmac Missionary Society.
Pacifique, Le catéchisme micmac /
Whitman, Gertrude Rice, The legend of Louis Jeremy /
Denys, Nicolas, Concerning the ways of the Indians. Their customs, dress, methods of hunting and fishing,
Crown Land rights and hunting and fishing rights of Micmac Indians in the Province of Nova Scotia /
Atugwagnn : Micmac stories /
Wien, Fred, Rebuilding the economic base of Indian communities: the Micmac in Nova Scotia /
Battiste, Marie Ann. An historical investigation of the social and cultural consequences of Micmac literacy
Wellwood, Dorothy O. When the sun rises : the Micmac story /
Hamilton, W. D. The federal Indian day schools of the Maritimes /

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