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Intended to complement and provide context for the archival holdings at Nova Scotia Archives, the Library includes many unique and rare titles and in its scope and content, covers all aspects of Nova Scotia history. Nearly 300 titles relate directly to the Mi'kmaq, and have been entered into a special Library Database created for the Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide.

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Author Title
Leavitt, Robert, The Micmacs /
Rand, Silas Tertius, Micmac place-names in the Maritime Provinces and the Gaspé peninsula recorded between 1852 and 1890 /
Micmac talk : the language of Glooscap's people.
Sapeoig oigatigen tan tetli gômgoetjoigasigel alasotmaganel, ginamatineol ag getapegiemgeoel
The Epistles and Revelation
Hagar, Stansbury. Micmac magic and medicine.
Lenhart, John. History relating to manual of prayers, instructions, psalms and hymns in Micmac ideograms used by Micmac Indians of Eastern Canada and Newfoundland.
Frame, Elizabeth, A list of Micmac names of places, rivers, etc., in Nova Scotia /
Dickason, Olive Patricia, Louisbourg and the Indians : a study in imperial race relations, 1713-1760 /
Vetromile, Eugene, The Abnakis and their history, or, Historical notices on the aborigines of Acadia
Huyghue, Douglas S., Argimou : a legend of the Micmac /
Huyghue, Douglas S., Argimou : a legend of the Micmac /
Huyghue, Douglas S., Argimou : a legend of the Micmac /
Knockwood, Stephen. The true story of Glooskap /
Nowlan, Alden, Nine Micmac legends /
Partridge, Emelyn Newcomb. Glooscap the great chief, and other stories : legends of the Micmacs.
Patterson, Lisa. Centralization in Nova Scotia : an adventure in Canadian Indian policy /
Joe, Rita, Poems of Rita Joe.
Erickson, Vincent O. Some recent Micmac witchcraft beliefs /
The Gospel of St. John.
McEwan, J. Richard. Memories of a Micmac life /
Currie, G. G. Indian education in Nova Scotia.
Bibliography of the Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia and related materials thereto /
Smith, Colin L. The Acadian classics : seventeenth century views of the Micmac Indians /
Rand, Silas Tertius, The Micmac mission /

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