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Intended to complement and provide context for the archival holdings at Nova Scotia Archives, the Library includes many unique and rare titles and in its scope and content, covers all aspects of Nova Scotia history. Nearly 300 titles relate directly to the Mi'kmaq, and have been entered into a special Library Database created for the Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide.

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Author Title
Razzolini, E. M. A safe and secure asylum government attitudes and approaches to the Amerindian problem in colonial Nova Scotia.
Micmac & Maliseet decorative traditions
Le Clercq, Chrestien, New relation of Gaspesia : with the customs and religion of the Gaspesian Indians /
Erskine, John Steuart, Micmac notes.
Wagmatcook Indian land claim settled.
Rand, Silas Tertius, The history of poor Sarah : a pious Indian woman, in Micmac.
Hoffman, Bernard Gilbert. The historical ethnography of the Micmac of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Jackson, Evelyn. Visible minorities in Nova Scotia : a call for equality /
Hutton, Elizabeth Ann. The Micmac Indians of Nova Scotia to 1834 /
Ae Buk ov Samz in Mikmak.
Rand, Silas Tertius, Legends of the Micmacs
The Ten commandments, the Lord's prayer, etc., in the Maliseet language.
Rand, Silas Tertius, Wokumayaan
Rand, Silas Tertius, Talekesuhsutaduks?
Rand, Silas Tertius, Uktælooawoodeel abiksiltasigul
Macmillan, Cyrus, Glooskap's country, and other Indian tales /
Lescarbot, Marc. Nova Francia : a description of Acadia, 1606 /
MacMillan, Cyrus, Canadian wonder tales /
Jenness, Diamond, The American aborigines, their origin and antiquity.
Hodge, Frederick Webb, Handbook of Indians of Canada : published as an appendix to the Tenth report of the Geographic Board of Canada /
Jenness, Diamond, The Indians of Canada /
West, John, A journal of a mission to the Indians of British provinces, of New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, and the Mohawks on the Ouse or Grand River, Upper Canada
Tan teladakadidjik apostalewidjik : [th]e akts ov [th]e aposelz in Mikmak.
Bromley, Walter. Two addresses on the deplorable state of the Indians : one delivered at the Free-Masons' Hall, Aug. 3, 1813, the other at the Royal Acadian School, March 8, 1814, at Halifax, Nova-Scotia /
Report of discussions [on] legal status of Indians in the Maritimes.

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