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From Family to Community

Letter from George Ross to Edward Ross. — 18 December 1853. — 4 pages : 0 x 0 cm.

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Item discusses George Ross going to visit the Clark's who were leaving for Boston on board the Packet, they were uncomfortably packed in a cabin. Mentions that Clark wanted to go into business with Edward but George warns Edward that Clark would probably "take the sleeve off of you or any other person". He mentions the prospect of the two brothers going into business together. George explains the "reports" of him in relation to a certain young Lady in Cornwallis, he explains that there is no cause for such report but confesses that he may "have paid her a little more attention than I should have done" but says that she would not make him a very good wife. Discusses his prospects of marrying in Sherbrook, in particular mentions a young lady named Sarah who is pretty and has a good disposition. Mentions plans for Christmas and other plans. Note: letter is torn and stained in a few areas.

Reference no.: Ross Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 795 number 13