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From Family to Community

Receipt from Morton and Cogswell for Edward I. Ross ESQ. — 1858. — 2 pages : 26 x 29 cm.

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Item discusses the cost of various items purchased from 6 May 185 8 to 9 May 185 8 The bottom has a notation "Dear Sir, Above is a statement of ase ? to Decem 31/5 8 pleases examine and see if correct, your oba ? servants Morton & Cogswell". Printed on the receipt is "Co Morton & Cogswell, DR. Chemists and Druggists and General Patent Medicine Agents. Dealers in Leeches, Sponges, Brushes, Combs, Perfumery, Soaps and Shaving creams. Razor Strops, Genuine Eau de Cologne, Vesta Matches, Spices, Varnishes and Dry Colours, Fancy Articles, Cod Liver Oil &c. &c. Agents for Illustrated London News, Punch, News of the World, Willmer & Smith, and other English Papers".

Reference no.: Ross Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 795 number 31