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New Ross

From Family to Community

Letter from C. Charles Morris to Lieutenant Ross. — 16 April 1817. — 3 pages : 21 x 34 cm.

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Item discusses a listing of implements, seed, etc. sent for industrious settlers; comments on social and economic situation in Great Britain, the effect on the armed forces, etc.; intention to visit Ross with Colonel Darling; promise of "some choice grafted fruit tress" for an orchard; route should be marked for new proposed road from Rose Bank to Gold River near Crandle's; comments on salaries for and choice of workmen for road; advises that new German and Scottish settlers may soon settle along the road between Gold River and Annapolis; Morris still not paid for his survey work on the road; he warns of the danger from forest fires during the dry season. Note: This item has been encapsulated.

Reference no.: Ross Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 794 number 15