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From Family to Community

Petition from the Inhabitants of Sherbrooke to the Honorable House of the Assembly. — 21 December 1852. — 4 pages : 26 x 33 cm.

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Item discusses several complaints made by the Inhabitants of Sherbrooke in the County of Lunenburg. The first complaint is that the inhabitants have been suffering great inconveniences from not having a postal envoy. Suggest that because there is a road between Chester and Kentville that there should be mail officer located in Sherbrooke; suggests that the mail should run once a week. The second complaint is in regards to the poor state of the road that runs from Sherbrooke to Chester, and if the road continues to be neglected it will become impassable. The third complaint was made in regards to the poor road condition from Chester Basin to Kentville; and if this "road was rendered passable it would be the channel of a constant stream of travel". Note at the end of the letter to George about sending some newspapers to him to amuse him over Christmas.

Reference no.: Ross Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 volume 794 number M2