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Built Heritage Resource Guide

Finally, help in tracing the history of your property or heritage home! Visit our 'Built Heritage Resource Guide' and explore Nova Scotia house styles, building materials, the impact of disaster and change on communities, and a long list of archival resources to kick-start your research. Lots of detail, plus dozens of historical photographs and maps showing what's quintessential, quaint — and sometimes even quirky — in our province's built heritage.

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Place-Names and Places of Nova Scotia

Published in 1967, and still the best source available for basic, reliable and easily accessed information about Nova Scotia's cities, towns and villages. Over 2300 entries, searchable by community name or by county. Each entry provides community highlights, including first settlement, first churches, first schools, primary industries, significant events and notable citizens.

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The Port Royal Habitation: Four Hundred Years of European Settlement in North America

A virtual exhibit that introduces the concept of the 1605 Habitation, with extensive use of historical photographs to tell the story of its reconstruction and continuing significance as a provincial tourist attraction.

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Ports and Harbours

Take a time-tour of Nova Scotia's ports and harbours, via photographs, artworks, postcards, sea charts and early government records. Explore at least three centuries of the interface between land and sea, from Mi'kmaq petroglyphs to colour photographs, featuring wharves, shipping piers, shipyards and slipways, customs houses and merchants' stores, fishing fleets, fish plants, ferry services and all manner of related activities carried out at the water's edge.

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