Nova Scotia Archives

Gideon White Family Papers

Loyalists of Shelburne

18 Apr 1783, New York.
Reference: Gideon White Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 vol. 948 no. 193.

G. Clopper to Charles Whitworth.

''from Rocks & Sands and Dangers of the Deep here we are - but the pleasing prospect of soon Emigrating to the Regions of Port Roseway - you wisely foresaw into futurity and provided yourself a peacefull asylum in those days of Trouble; you are fortunately absent from a place where you once enjoy'd some tolerable degree of Comfort among a sociable sett of friends but Dr Charles those days are past & unless a Man can reconcile it to himself to sit in Company with a sett of D-'d Scoundrels you must confine yourself to the Limits of your Chamber-for since this inglorious peace the Town, nay every public house is infested with the Rebellious Inhabitants of every State, not less than 700 from Different places are Strolling the Streets of this Town daily.
To-morrow the first Division sail for Nova Scotia, 3000 Refugees with their families & Thompson's Kings American Dragoons compose this Division-The next Embarkation takes all Provincial Officers & Men that are willing to go-I quit this damnd Country with Pleasure...'' Personal Matters.

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