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1784  28 Apr

    271. Invoice of goods shipped with Capt. Ker.  Unsigned.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 271


1784  3 May

    272. [Copy of] receipt given by Gideon White for articles issued from the military stores for the 2nd battalion of the Duke of Cumberland's regiment.  

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 272

1784  3 May

    273. Note from Commissioner Duncan relative to the sailing of the ''Content'', which is in the General's hands.  

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 273


1784  16 May

    274. John McPherson to Gideon White, reporting their arrival and difficulties. ''We arrived here in a passage of 3 days & were much pleased with our views of settling but find ourselves much disappointed by the conduct of the Surveyor that came along with us. I can in the first place prove that he is incapable of the business he has undertaken, & secondly he intends to push in as many people as he thinks proper to draw lots with us, such as the Captn. & Mate of the Transport &c. he talks of giving them water lots & will give us none, he has made the most confused tedious piece of business in laying out the Town I ever saw, his conduct is insufferable, if it had not been for the assistance of a Gentleman here that understands surveying & my own help he could have done nothing hitherto, he says his instructions from Government leavs him at liberty to act as he pleases & that he will not give us water lotts till he has an order from the Governor or Surveyor General for so doing.'' Asks White to procure the order. Sends McDonald's compliments. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 274

1784  19 May

    275. John Miller to Gideon White at Halifax. He has received and paid freight for the goods White expected; the vessel from Kingston not yet arrived. He wishes to buy a frame of White's and asks for a reply by the first opportunity. Messages from himself and Tom Miller to their friends in Halifax. Will White ask Col. Ned Winslow whether Miller is likely to receive the bat and forage money he petitioned Gen'l Campbell for?  Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 275

1784  24 May

    276. Nathaniel Whitworth to Gideon White, reporting his lack of success in collecting White's bills, etc. ''Col. Powell was the first I waited on, and who to my very great surprize inform'd me, that upon the evacuation of Charlestown, he with the other field Officers of the Militia conceiv'd you to have been with the Americans, and of course excluded in the Return made here for pay, as it included only those that actually were at the evacuation, and had no prospects of returning to their former places of abode, but how was he surprizd on my mentioning the period of your leaving Charlestown, your sufferings at the commencement of the War and having a Company in the Duke of Cumberlands Regiment.'' Advises him to apply through Balfour for his pay. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 276


1784  24 May

    277. Part of letter to Nathaniel Whitworth apparently from his brother Charles. He has been detained in Halifax by illness and the slow sale of rum, but will sail for Shelburne at the first opportunity, since he has word of the arrival of his goods there. I have sold only five Puncheons at 3/6 the Purchaser Payg. The Duty; I have exposed it to Public Sale several times, but nobody inclin'd to Purchase, and as my Business at Shelburne is of so much greater Consequence, shall leave the Rum with Mr. G. Dobloise with instructions to sell it, if Possible, and Proceed with all Posible Dispatch there, and as I am told the Duty on Rum is not Pay'd at Shelburne and will be taken of[f] here upon reshiping, if on my Arrival there find it will answer shall send for it. Capt. Cocken will look after goods until his return; Cocken has a store which Charles may rent.
    ''With respect to your outstanding Debts in this Province I'm sorry to say cannot give any flattering Accounts of, I have only seen Miller & Hart the former I am told has mortgaged his house and everything he has, a very fine five Hundred Acre Lott excepted, which lies near Shelburne, and which I am advis'd and mean to Lay hold of upon my Arrival, the latter in great Distress the Day I was in Shelburn he declair'd he had not a Shilling to Purchase a loaf of Bread. he has got a Grant of a very fine lott upon the left hand side going up the Harbour of Shelburne, where by the Assistance of some of His Friends (he being originally a Rope Maker) is building a Walk for Carrying on that Business...Our friend Capt. Gid White is here he intends going to Shelburne with me but I believe will not Settle there, as the Lands for both Battallions of the D of Cumberlands Regiment is taken up at a Place call'd Chedabucto about thirty Leagues to the Eastward of this, which Place I believe he intends to make his residence.'' Incomplete. Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 277

1784   May

    278. [Copy of] letter from Capt. Phillip Sergeant to Paul Maylor, relative to the bill which Gideon White has directed Maylor to collect from him. 
[Overleaf in Maylor to White, 3 June, below

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 278

1784  2 Jun

    279. George Parker to Charles Whitworth, consigning the ship Nancy to him.  ''I have furnished you with an Invoice of the Cargo, and Inclos'd you a Bill of Lading, the Amount with Freight, Insurance &c. at the exact first Cost £3444.16.6 Stg.'' Has chartered the ship for the W. Indies and wishes to have her sent from Shelburne with all possible dispatch; ''but as She hath bulky Articles on board, and Warehouse Room with you may be much wanted, it will certainly be most adviseable to sell all the large Articles if possible on saving or on gaining terms and deliver them from the Ship, which I hope will be effected in from 10 to 15 Days after her Arrival as the Ship will lay at £3 Sterling p. Day expence besides the disadvantage arising from protraction of the Voyage, which I desire you will consider in every point of View and act accordingly. It is my present wish to send you Ships frequently Consigned with Salt and other bulky Goods that will pay a freight to the Ship if their Cargoes can be readily sold and Remitted for, That I would greatly prefer to a lingering Sale on any Terms.'' Expects to send a large ship from Portugal inside of two months. This ship is to take lumber to the W. Indies, and cured fish, if it is not too early in the season. Parker's son is to stay with Whitworth until the business has been finished.  Signed.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 279

1784  3 Jun

    280. Paul Maylor to Gideon White, enclosing and commenting on Philip Sergeant's letter. Directions for White to follow on receiving his half-pay. Holograph.
Below: Form to be filled on receiving his half-pay.
Overleaf: Copy of Sergeant to Maylor, May, above.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 948 No. 280

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