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1830  16 Apr

    1232. Nathaniel W. White to his brother Cornelius. ''What a pretty kettle of fish have the skippers of the state vessel cooked! They have managed to throw all the fat into the fire & have been amusing themselves with the pretty blaze it has made.'' Comments on Archibald's volte face and Barry's inconsistency. ''Now is the time to come forward in politics...The political game must now be played by men of entirely a different stamp from those who have been shuffling the cards. So far Nova Scotia politicks have been a paltry business, unworthy of the higher order of minds to descent to dabble in, but a new era has commented that will afford ''ample verge and scope enough.'' Uniacke has made a manly stand, but has left the arena. After all my drowsiness some little cherub that sits up aloft tells me that I am destined for a political career and I long to shake off the film of sloth & buckle on the armour and fight a good fight. My worthy opponent...has laid himself open & much may be made of it by skilful hands...a dissolution must take place a ssoon as the Governor returns...Do let me know your ideas candidly on prospects.'' Holograph.

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 955 No. 1232


1786   Apr

    1517. Paper-covered book containing "A List of Taxables for the Town and County of Shelburne Levied for the year 1786", showing the names and addresses of the taxpayers, their occupations, and the amount of county and poor taxes they owe.  

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 957 No. 1517


1787   Apr

    1518. Large, paper-covered book continuing list of assessments of Shelburne county and poor taxes for 1787, in semi-alphabetical order.  

White Family Nova Scotia Archives MG 1 Vol. 957 No. 1518

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