Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations: Public Consultation

Amendments to the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations are proposed to come into effect around 01 January 2020.

Proposed amendments will offer additional compliance options for the construction of tiny homes.  Also included in the proposed regulation are changes related to permits for small renovation projects and the adoption of the first addendum and errata for the National Building Code, National Plumbing Code and National Energy Code for Buildings. 

The adoption of the 2017 National Energy Code for Buildings is also proposed.

Changes to the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations do not require existing buildings to be changed to meet the new code unless construction is proposed to be done.

Tiny houses that are built on a permanent trailer chassis with wheels, often referred to as Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOW), do not fall within the scope of the proposed changes.

How to participate

Written comments on the proposed amendments to the regulations are to be received on or before 04 October 2019.

Review the proposed amendments before completing the survey.

There are several ways to participate.


You can also email your comments to  

You can mail your comments to:

Joe Rogers
Building Code Coordinator
Office of the Fire Marshal
P.O. Box 216
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2M4

The deadline for the submitting comments is 4 October.



  • Phone: Toll Free (within Nova Scotia) 1-800-559-3473
  • Phone: 902-424-5721

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