Rural High-Speed Internet

Government is making progress on its commitment to make sure more rural Nova Scotia communities have access to high-speed Internet service.  Quality internet service is an important part of delivering the services that matter most to Nova Scotians – health care, education and services for our most vulnerable citizens.  It’s also a key driver of economic growth because it gives our businesses the opportunity to compete and succeed anywhere in the world.

Our approach is to go beyond what we need today, and develop solutions that can handle how Nova Scotians will use the Internet in the future.  This is a difficult issue, and the solutions aren’t going to be found overnight.  However, we believe this approach will build a long-term solution that will increase speeds as much as possible.

Updates on our progress will be posted on this page.  We’re counting on partnerships with the federal government, as well as municipal governments and the private sector. Everyone has a role to play.

Municipal and Community Rural High Speed Internet Funding

Government is providing short-term project funding to municipalities and community groups to improve Internet service in their areas.  This support is for smaller projects to enhance existing services for residents and businesses.  To be approved for funding, the project must demonstrate how it provides benefits to residents and businesses in support of one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Connecting a key piece of community infrastructure (Eg: community centre, or business hub)
  • Increasing the number of households with access to broadband speeds of 5MBPS or higher.

A total of up to $500,000 is available during the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Individual projects can receive a maximum of $75,000. 

All applications must be received by midnight on December 31, 2016. Portions of the projects that are provincially funded must be complete within six months of receiving funding.

Download the High Speed Internet Funding application form

To learn more about eligibility and available fund read Nova Scotia Rural Internet project funding guidelines (97 MB PDF)

Rural High-Speed Internet Strategy Team

Brightstar Canada and its partners have been selected to develop a strategy that will lead to better high-speed Internet service in more rural Nova Scotia communities.  The team will map assets, identify gaps and engineer a plan to connect the province's core Internet network to the community level.

Brightstar was selected through a competitive request for proposals.  The team is expected to deliver a strategy by spring.