Invest Nova Scotia - Application Information

Please read the following before proceeding to the application page.

The information provided will be used to assess this application for eligibility under the regulations and criteria set by the Invest Nova Scotia Board (the board). Any incomplete or ineligible applications will be declined and the applicant will receive notification.

All eligible applications will be presented in concept to the board. Any application declined in concept by the board will receive notification.

If the board approves the project concept, the applicant will be contacted by Department of Business staff and asked to provide supporting documentation and analysis, such as a business plan, projections, etc.

What is the Invest Nova Scotia Fund (INS)?

The fund is a tool to provide economic development incentives to proposals that have broad-based impacts for a sector or region. The independent fund is designed to empower sectors and communities to achieve incremental competitiveness and productivity through innovative and collaborative projects.

Who and what are eligible?

  • Industry organizations, sectors, regional associations, and other organizations whose purpose is for the benefit of the public and not for private shareholders
  • Initiatives for sector development, economic diversification, workforce competitiveness, applied research and development, and pilot projects

Invest Nova Scotia is not permitted to invest directly in a business.

What are the board’s decision criteria?

  1. Productivity and Competitiveness

    INS proposals must demonstrate incremental economic competitiveness and productivity impacts.

  2. Support oneNS Coalition Targets

    INS proposals must support outcomes outlined in Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians (pg 47).

  3. Measurement Plan

    INS proposals must present their own metrics for success and a method to monitor progress.

  4. Sustainability of Opportunity

    INS focuses on opportunities that demonstrate long-term benefits to Nova Scotia, considering the economic impact of the sector within the regional and global context.

  5. Leadership and Stewardship

    INS focuses on opportunities where proponents demonstrate the right combination of proven leadership, financial capital, and human capital in a project.

  6. Significant Investments

    INS focuses on proposals requiring more than $500,000.

Who is not eligible?

Individual businesses

What is the process?

Department of Business staff will be responsible for administering the day-to-day functions of the fund on behalf of the board. The board is responsible for investment decisions. Government will not have a vote on investment decisions. Further information, including the application form, is available on the Invest Nova Scotia website:

Who is on the board?

Individual directors who are independent of government have been appointed. There is one non-voting seat for the Deputy Minister of Business.

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