Decision Criteria

Invest Nova Scotia Guiding Principles

Cooperation and Collaboration

Improving Nova Scotia’s competitiveness in the global economy with a focus on innovation that demonstrate cooperation and collaboration.

Strength from a Diverse Economy

Building on the strengths of Nova Scotia’s diverse economy. Seeking opportunities that add value.

Independent Body focused on the Long-Game

Independent investment decision making focused on long term impacts.

Measurement and Accountability

Clear, open criterion based decisions. Effective monitoring of the economic development incentives.

Communicating Success

Communicating all decisions and results openly. Building realistic expectations.

Invest Nova Scotia Decision Criteria

Productivity and Competitiveness

INS proposals must demonstrate incremental economic competitiveness and productivity impacts.

Support oneNS Coalition Targets

INS proposals must support outcomes outlined in Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians.

Measurement Plan

INS proposals must present their own metrics for success and a method to monitor progress.

Sustainability of Opportunity

INS focuses on opportunities that demonstrate long-term benefits to Nova Scotia, considering the economic impact of the sector within the regional and global context.

Leadership and Stewardship

INS focuses on opportunities where proponents demonstrate the right combination of proven leadership, financial capital, and human capital in a project.

Significant Investments

INS focuses on proposals requiring more than $500,000.