Application Form

Legal name of applicant.
This should be an authorized officer of the organization.
This should include phone number and address if different than above.
E.g. Not for Profit, Municipality
This should be a brief description of the Proposal. Insert comments about the reason the financial assistance is requested, the planned use, and the timelines of when the funding is required. Maximum 500 words.
The funding request for Invest Nova Scotia. We need to determine the percentage of the cost requested from Invest Nova Scotia from total cost of the proposal.
A listing of all known and identified financial and in kind funding sources and partners. Please specify which funding has been contracted. Also identify funding partners that have been approached and declined.
What are the key risks in the proposal and how may it impact the success of the project? Maximum 250 words.
Supporting Documentation and Analysis that would be available upon request

Mandatory Requirements

Purpose of applicant organization consistent with Section 4 of the Regulations *
Section 4 of the Regulations, prescribes that the Fund may only support organization in which the profits, if any, are used for the benefit of the public and not for private shareholders.
The proposal demonstrates incremental economic competitiveness and productivity impacts *
The proposal supports the “Ivany Goals” outlined on page 47 in the Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians *
The proposal includes its own metric for success and a method to monitor progress *

Decision Criteria

Invest Nova Scotia focus will be on proposals that demonstrate the following:

The proposal demonstrates long-term benefits to Nova Scotia *
The proponent(s) have proven leadership, financial capital, and human capital in the project proposal *
Please use the following table to provide information about the ownership of the legal organization that is seeking fund:
Are there outstanding claims, litigation or contingent liabilities against the business? *

On behalf of the proposal identified, I hereby make application to the Department of Business (“DoB”) on behalf of the Province of Nova Scotia for financial assistance. I consent to DB making any enquiries, including the collection of personal, corporate and business information about the Applicant and its Directors and Officers, if incorporated of such person, firms or corporations as it deems necessary in order to reach a decision on this application and to administer the economic development incentive, if one is made and to the exchange of information with other financial institutions or financial partners in any project under consideration. The Applicant, Directors and Officers are not required by law to consent to such enquiries and collection; however, refusal to consent may prevent DoB from considering this application. Pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, subject to certain exceptions, the Applicant and its directors and officers, if incorporated has the right of access to, and protection of, their personal information, which may be collected by DoB.

I hereby certify that except as disclosed herein, that the Applicant, Directors and Officers do not have any relationship with DoB; any employee, officer or director of DoB; and that the Applicant, Directors and Officers are not involved in any litigation, civil or criminal, or in any proceedings before any government board, tribunal, or agency.

* I CERTIFY that the information is true and correct and understand that any false information in this application and related materials may result in rejection of this application or constitutes a default of the economic development incentive terms resulting in immediate demand for repayment of the economic development incentive in full, together with any interest accrued thereon.

By clicking this button you agree to give permission to Department of Business staff to share the application internally with other departments and externally to agents listed as a funding source.


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