Upcoming cannabis legislation

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Cannabis is expected to be legal in Canada by July 2018.

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We want your input as we develop our provincial rules and regulations for recreational cannabis in Nova Scotia.

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Until the federal Cannabis Act has passed, it is still against the law to possess or use or sell recreational cannabis in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia’s priorities

Our first priority is the health and safety of Nova Scotians, especially children and youth. That means:

  • keeping cannabis out of the hands of children
  • keeping impaired drivers off the roads
  • keeping profits out of the hands of organized crime

Role of Provinces and Territories

The federal government plans to pass legislation that sets a framework for legalizing recreational cannabis. Within this framework, each province and territory must make their own rules and regulations for sale, possession and use.

Jurisdictional responsibilities for the legalization of cannabis

Activity Federal responsibility Provincial responsibility
Possession limits**
Advertisement and packaging**
Impaired driving
Medical cannabis
Seed-to-sale tracking system
Production (cultivation and processing)
Age limit (federal minimum)**
Public health
Home cultivation (growing plants at home)**
Distribution and wholesaling
Retail model
Retail locations and rules
Regulatory compliance
Public consumption
Land use and/or zoning

** Provinces will have the ability to strengthen legislation for these areas under federal jurisdiction.