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     It's the new year.  Time for the resolutions, and many of us
resolve that this is the year we will lose weight.  Before
deciding on a method though, you should be careful that it's not
just your wallet getting slimmer.

     The first thing you should do is check with your doctor. 
There may be no medical reason for you to lose weight.  Physical
activity to tone muscles and promote health may be just the thing
you need to change your body image.

     The fact is, there is no easy way to lose weight, no matter
what some products may claim.  It's a matter of eating healthy,
balanced diet, as found in Canada's Food Guide, and increasing
physical activity.

     There are other methods available to consumers however. 
Before you decide, think about the costs involved.  You may also
want to set a time limit for yourself, before you monitor the
results and ascertain if you're happy with the method you've
chosen. If you're not, it may be time to try something else.

     Many of the commercial programs offer encouragement and
support from other dieters--as well as counselling.  If you are
looking for outside support, and don't want to try a commercial
program, try getting a group of friends together for your own

     Some commercial programs require that you purchase their
food products as part of your diet regimen, so don't forget to
calculate any expenses that may be related to this type of
program.  Consumer Reports also advises that when some dieters
went back on regular foods after losing weight, the pounds came

     Diet drinks also had similar results according to the study
done by Consumer Reports.  While people were able to lose weight
with the drinks, the weight returned when the person went back to
solid foods.

     Diet pills are another method available to consumers.  You
should consult with your doctor before trying this method, as
many experts are concerned about the long-term and side effects
of this option.  Depending on the type of product you buy, it can
also become expensive.

     Don't fall for the pitches to purge pounds posed in
magazines.  No matter how much we wish it were true, there is no
easy, fast way to lose weight.  Despite the testimonials you may
see about dramatic weight loss brought about by wonder gadgets--
the only thing that will shrink is your pocketbook.

     So, if you follow Canada's Food Guide, increase physical
activity, you may find that resolution wasn't so hard to follow
after all--and it doesn't have to cost much either.
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lm                                         January 3, 1995