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     The Plymouth Mine Site Reutilization Committee in Pictou
County has recommended a feasibility study to determine the long
term viability of establishing a world class industrial safety
training facility at the former mine site.

     Natural Resources Minister Don Downe announced in the
Legislature today that an independent study of the proposal will
be conducted.  Funding for the study will be provided under the
Canada-Nova Scotia Mineral Development Agreement.

     "The committee has proposed that some buildings at the site
be used to establish a world class industrial safety training
facility.  I agree with the committee that further study of this
proposal is warranted," Mr. Downe said.  "After the study is
completed, there will be no further expenditure of government
money on the Plymouth site."

     The Plymouth Mine Site Reutilization Committee chaired by
Dr. Ellen McLean was appointed by Mr. Downe in August.  The
committee represented a broad range of community interest groups
in Pictou County, including the Westray Families Group, the
Chamber of Commerce, the United Steelworkers of America, Plymouth
Municipal Council, and the Pictou Regional Development

     "The committee was certainly very pleased for this
opportunity to come up with suggestions and recommendations for
possible future use of the site," Dr. McLean said.  "We very much
appreciated the fact that the government consulted with the
community in this manner before going ahead with anything."

     The minister said a tender call will be issued soon for the
 feasibility study.

     Satellite Construction Ltd. was awarded a contract in late
December for work to stabilize the mine site for the winter.
Contact:  Natural Resources Minister Don Downe, 424-4661
          Dr. Ellen McLean, 923-2593
lm                                January 4, 1995