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     Approximately 150 new jobs will be created through a winter
works program, Housing and Consumer Affairs Minister Guy Brown
announced today.

     The jobs will be located throughout the province, and those
hired will work on upgrading public housing units.

     The program is intended to provide income to those who have
exhausted their unemployment insurance benefits, or those
receiving municipal or social assistance. Funds for the program
are being provided through the Department of Economic Renewal.

     " We are targeting these jobs to the people in greatest 
need, " Mr. Brown said, " While the jobs are short-term, they
will provide some relief this winter, and I am delighted we are
able to participate."

     Work is expected to begin over the next several weeks.
Applications for employment will be available at the offices of
housing authorities located throughout the province. Information
may be obtained from the local housing authority or the nearest
office of the Department of Housing and Consumer Affairs.
Contact : Michele McKinnon  424 - 8998
mfm                                     January 6, 1995