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The Department of Transportation and Communications has selected
Arthur Andersen and Company as consultants on the identification
of, and negotiation with, a private sector partner for the
construction of Highway 104 between Masstown and Thomson Station. 
The department estimates that construction can begin in late
summer or fall of 1995.

"This firm was selected from a field of seven who submitted
proposals, and they provided the best combination of work plan,
resources, and expertise to do the job," Transportation
and Communications Minister Richie Mann said.  

The consultant will provide expertise in financial analysis,
economics, as well as commercial and project management advice
throughout the highway project.  "The selection of Andersen
was based on their capability, their experience in public/private
ventures of similar size, their personnel, and their project
management expertise," Mr. Mann said.

The consultant will work with the department to establish the
criteria for inviting formal proposals from some or all of the
seven groups that submitted expressions of interest in
constructing and operating the highway. This will involve
contacting each of the seven groups  with a request for
additional information to allow evaluation against a standard set
of qualifying criteria.

Concurrently, the consultant will also develop and analyze
financing alternatives for the project.

Andersen was selected through a process that involved interviews
of the short listed consultants by a board involving personnel
from the Departments of Transportation and Communications,
Finance, Justice, Municipal Affairs, and Education.  "The people
who were on the board were selected on the basis of their
professional expertise, or their involvement with other
private/public partnerships, or both," the minister said.

"Our objective is to ensure that we have the best possible
expertise and advice that we can afford during these critical
early stages of this project," Mr. Mann said.  He indicated that
the  contract was being negotiated with the consultant, which
would identify the specific resources and costs involved.  One
important component of this contract will be the identification
of points in the process where either the department or the
consultant can terminate the relationship.  
Contact:  Donna McCready, 424-8687
lm                                       January 6, 1995