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The Nova Scotia government has approved $150,000 for further
development of the Port Hawkesbury waterfront, Economic Renewal
Minister Ross Bragg announced today. 

The provincial assistance is being provided to the Strait Area
Development Commission primarily for infilling and crib work
along a stretch of  waterfront between Pitt and Philpott Streets,
below Granville Street.  Other capital improvements include
installation of power to the information kiosk and lamp poles for
the stairway.  In addition, a consultant's study to help devise a
tourism strategy for the waterfront will be undertaken.

Mr. Bragg said, "Many towns dot our coastline, but not all are
fortunate enough to have waterfrontage within their boundaries.
Waterfront development projects not only increase the
attractiveness of a community, they are also a great tourism

The residents of Port Hawkesbury will now have a venue for local
celebrations and should enjoy strolling on an attractive and
well-lit boardwalk, the minister said.  He added that a developed
waterfront will help make Port Hawkesbury a gateway, attracting
yachters and encouraging travellers to stop to visit, rather than
driving through the town toward other destinations.

Mr. Bragg also noted the progress of the Nova Scotia Works
employment program in the region.  "I announced the creation of
the Nova Scotia Works program on Dec. 13 and since then, we've
approved 100 jobs in the six counties eligible for the program" 
the minister.  "I'm very happy to report that Nova Scotia Works
has already put 33 people back to work in Guysborough and
Inverness counties.  I'd like to congratulate the local business
community for their interest and participation in this program,"
he added.
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lm                                       January 9, 1995