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     Five Nova Scotia craft/giftware producers are exhibiting at
the Atlanta Gift Show which runs today to Jan 20. The province is
entering its fourth year at the show, having had its own showroom
for the last two years.

     The Atlanta Gift Show is North America's largest, held twice
annually in January and July. It attracts more than 3,600
exhibitors and over 88,000 international buyers from Taiwan, Hong
Kong, Japan, Europe and South America.

     Sales from the Nova Scotia Showroom have ranged between
US$45,000 to US$65,000 per show, with follow-up sales doubling
these figures within three months of the close of the show. With
the U.S. economy recovering, the Nova Scotia Showroom has a sales
target of US$75,000 this January. While the 10 day show is a
drain on finances, the resulting sales make attendance
     Lee Hopkins of Bay Life Art, Halifax, agrees. With Neal
Doucette, she produces wildlife paintings on slate and they
exhibited for the first time in Atlanta last year. 

     "It was our first show in the U.S. and for us really opened
the U.S. market," she said. Bay Life Art received orders from all
over the United States and the Caribbean after exhibiting last
January. The company went back in July, where it took orders from
return customers as well as new ones. Ms. Hopkins said the Nova
Scotia showroom helps attract attention, resembling a high-
quality Nova Scotian gift store.

     The Nova Scotia Showroom is organized and co-ordinated by
the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency and helps to provide Nova
Scotia exhibitors with the high profile so necessary in an event
the size of the Atlanta Gift Show. The agency provides a portion
of the leasing cost for first year exhibitors and a lesser
portion for second year exhibitors. All participants are
responsible for shipping product to and from the event.

     Nova Scotian exhibitors at Atlanta this month are:
Victoriana Designs, Bedford (original framed Victorian era
prints); Out Of The Wood Woodcraft, Bridgetown (hand-turned
quality wooden kitchen garden and household products); The
Clayton Dickson Jr. Company, Halifax (glazed clay figures); Bay
Life Art, Halifax and History Reproduced, Boutilier's Point
(quality reproductions and interpretations of historical art and

     Besides gaining access to the global marketplace at the
show, the south eastern United States market itself, is
lucrative. The region led the U.S. in economic performance,
population growth (with a base of nearly 46 million people) and
job creation, is home to 18 of the nation's 50 fastest-growing
metropolitan areas and attracts much new business investment. 

     Canada is both a leading export market and a leading
supplier for the region. In addition, the preparations for the
1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta will continue to stimulate
the region's economy.


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lm                                          January 11, 1995