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Along Nova Scotia's picturesque South Shore, tourism businesses
experienced a strong season in l994, consistent with their
counterparts throughout Nova Scotia. Tourism Nova Scotia recorded
a 26 per cent increase in requests to the central information and
reservation service and a seven per cent increase in room sales
during the peak period from July through September.

 Doug Fawthrop of White Point Beach Lodge Resort says he was
especially pleased with the success of packaged vacations in
1994. "Packaging communicates value," Mr. Fawthrop said." Because
of the possibilities presented in packages, people make that all-
important phone call to get more information on the type of
vacation they wanted". 

The overall effect of this year's terrific weather will impact on
tourism next year according to Mr. Fawthrop.  "They're going to
tell everyone what a great time they had in Nova Scotia in '94,
and hopefully we'll see more first time visitors". 

 Avril Betts owns and operates the South Shore Country Inn in
Broad Cove. She expressed enthusiasm about the benefits of
co-operative marketing being done by the province with smaller,
private operations, "I'm a great believer in marketing and even
though the South Shore Country Inn is a secluded property we had
a fabulous season....exceeding expectations".  

Outdoor enthusiasts were enjoying South Shore hospitality in
droves in l994.  "All of our members saw increases in
occupancy....without exception," said Ted Wambolt, president of
Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia and operator of
Ponhook Lodge Camp and Trailer Park in Greenfield. 

 Don Wilson is president of Tourism Association of Nova Scotia
and owner of the Top Mast Motel in Lunenburg. His property and
the industry he represents, experienced a strong season.  "It's
good for all of us when visitors arrive, they spend money. It may
be spent on gifts, groceries or rooms but the economy benefits".

Economic Renewal Minister Ross Bragg, said the province is proud
to work with such an energetic industry as the tourism sector. 

"Operators throughout Nova Scotia understand the benefits of
long-range planning, packaging, co-operative marketing and
collaboration," the minister said. " Tourism  earned itself a
banner season and the government is pleased to help create a
platform for this success."


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