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          The annual meeting of the Nova Scotia Forest Products
Association (NSFPA) and the Nova Scotia section of the Canadian
Institute of Forestry (CIF) will be held January 19-20 at Keddy's
Truro Inn & Convention Centre, Truro, Nova Scotia.

     The theme for this year's meeting is "Forestry and
Environmental Concerns - Making It Work."  The two-day meeting
will have speakers from industry, government and local companies
addressing items related to sustainability and the environment.

     Of topical concern will be the wood product certification
program.  Consumer-led groups and environmentalists from Canada
and around the world have been actively pushing for certification
of wood products.  Initially targeting topical timber, the
certification of forest products is now being required from
virtually all forest regions of the world.

     Currently, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is
developing a set of voluntary standards and guidelines for the
Canadian forestry sector, which will provide manufacturers and
importers the assurance that purchased products originate from
sustainable, managed forests.

     Steve Talbot, executive director of the NSFPA, says: "How
this will impact on Nova Scotia private woodlot owners will be of
concern to those attending.  The wood product certification
program will be an important discussion item given that the
national standards are to be introduced in May of this year."

     "I hope delegates will leave this year's meeting with a
greater awareness of the implications of the certification
program as it relates to sustainability and resource management,"
he said.  "Demands for products from sustained and managed
forests will affect buying patterns, which in turn affect
suppliers of wood products."

     Other areas targeted for discussion are safety and human
resource issues, Worker's Compensation legislation currently
before the House of Assembly and the market outlook.

     Delegates represent all parts of the forestry sector,
including representatives from the pulp and paper industry,
sawmills, small and large woodlot owners, equipment
manufacturers, forestry professionals, Christmas tree and maple
sugar producers, and government.

     This is the fifth year the NSFPA and the CIF have held the
joint annual meeting.  Over 200 delegates attended lat year's
Contact:  Steve Talbot, (902) 895-1179
lm                                   January 13, 1995