News Release Archive

Monday, January 16

2.00pm-6.00pm       Legislature

2.30pm              Charlotte Gordon/signing of petition
                    against drunk driving. Premier's Office,
                    Province House.

5.00pm-6.30pm       Reception at Government House - Presentation
                    of the Sexton Award.

Tuesday, January 17

9.00am-11.00am      Priorities and Planning

12.00noon-8.00pm    Legislature

Wednesday, January 18

10.00am-1.00pm      Caucus

2.00pm-6.00pm       Legislature

Thursday, January 19

8.00am-noon         Cabinet

12.00 noon-8.00pm   Legislature

Friday, January 20 

8.00am-4.00pm       Legislature
lm                                        January 13, 1995