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     Working groups have been established to develop detailed
plans to provide a full range of outpatient primary health care
programs and services, as well as long term care, at Western
Kings Memorial Hospital.

     Western Kings, a 46 bed acute care community hospital, is
scheduled to close inpatient services March 31.

     "We've been working closely with the Department of Health to
ensure that the people of our community are well-served," says
Don MacDonald, chairman of the board of trustees.

     The hospital board, administration, Valley Regional Hospital
representatives and members of the Quality Health Care of Western
Kings Committee met with Department of Health officials this week
to continue the planning and implementation process to convert
the hospital to a primary care/continuing care health centre. 
The group will be meeting every two weeks until the process is

     "It is important that we work with the community on setting
up a slate of services that meets their needs," says Bob St.
Laurent, regional director of facilities for the Department of

     A current priority focuses on the renovations required to
accommodate 40 specialized long term beds.  The board will be
contracting consultants shortly to plan the renovations.
Contact:  Chris Hansen, 424-5925
          Don MacDonald, 765-2702
lm                                January 13, 1995