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     In keeping with efforts to improve communication with
parents at the Dartmouth and Sydney Childrens Training Centres,
and to more fully involve them in the development of care plans
for their children, the Department of Community Services has
contracted Bob Matergio to help implement the CTC Review
Committee's Report.

     A member of the review committee and former supervisor with
responsibility for special services with the Colchester-East
Hants County School Board, Mr. Matergio will be the primary
contact for parents of children at the centres during the
implementation process.  He will also work with parents in
developing plans for their child's integration into the community
and assist with the development of staff training programs.

     Community Services Minister Jim Smith said Mr. Matergio was
contracted after a number of parents identified the need for a
primary contact person who is aware of the issues arising from
the report and who understands the needs of the children and
their families.  "Parents have identified the need for continuity
and consistency as we move into the implementation phase," he

     Dr. Smith said "Mr. Matergio's experience on the review
committee should re-assure parents of our commitment to work more
closely with them in addressing the concerns outlined in the CTC
report.  He will be an important resource to the implementation
team formed following the release of the report and which
includes five parent representatives."

     "His knowledge and extensive experience as a special
education teacher/supervisor and consultant will be particularly
invaluable as we identify and work with local school boards in
addressing the educational needs of children at the centres," Dr.
Smith said.

     Mr. Matergio has had extensive involvement in the field of
special education and community-based services for children and
adults.  In addition to serving on a number of provincial task
forces and committees, he has been associated with such
organizations as the Atlantic Child Guidance Centre, the
Colchester Community Workshop and the Association for Exceptional
Contact:  Moria MacLeod, 424-3265
lm                                       January 16, 1995