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     The Cultural Affairs Library collection is being relocated
to make it more accessible to more Nova Scotians.  The
collection, now housed at 1531 Grafton St. Halifax, will be
shared by the Halifax City Regional Library, Dalhousie
University's Killam Library, the Nova Scotia College of Art and
Design Library and the Department of Education's Library.   

     Access to the collection will be possible through the
Provincial Library's NcompasS system, Novanet and the Halifax
City Regional Library's automation system.  All current users of
the Cultural Affairs Library, as well as new users, can access
these materials as a borrower at any of the individual libraries
or, free of charge, through inter-library loan from their nearest
public library throughout the province.  Specific borrowing
policies are available from each individual library.  

     "The pieces in this collection are very valuable and have
been well taken care of over the years in the Cultural Affairs
Library," said Marion Pape, provincial librarian.  "Through this
co- operative approach by the libraries involved, we now have an
opportunity for continued, cost- effective access for current
users, while exposing the collection to totally new clients."

     The last day to borrow materials from the Cultural Affairs
Library is Jan. 17.  Reference service will continue until Jan.
31 and materials can be returned to the library book-drop until
the end of February.  After Jan. 31, requests for books or
materials will be referred to a metro library or resource centre. 
All materials should be catalogued, shelved and available for
loan again by the winter 1995-96 at the latest.   

     Most performing arts materials will be transferred to the
Killam Library.  The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Library and the Halifax City Regional Library will house the
craft and visual arts materials.  The Department of Education
will receive cultural industries and research materials and all
serial subscriptions.  Remaining materials will be available
through the Provincial and Regional libraries.  

     Clients who want more information can contact Gillian
Webster, Department of Education, 424-7734. 

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Contact:  Donna MacDonald, 424-2615
lm                                          January 17, 1995