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Sustained warm temperatures across the province over the past
couple of weeks have created spring-like problems with roads. 

As the frost has come out of the ground, gravel roads have been
weakened, and left in a muddy condition that is more normal in
March than in January.  Over the next several days, Department of
Transportation and Communications officials will be checking
roads in various areas of the province and placing weight
restrictions on gravel roads that are of particular concern.

On paved roads, crews have been repairing potholes and other
frost damage, but motorists are advised to be alert for frost
damage.  The department does not accept liability for damage to
vehicles as a result of potholes.

With the rapidly fluctuating temperatures, and with the roads
thawing much earlier than normal, black ice is also of concern in
many parts of the province.  When the temperature is rising or
dropping quickly, and is  a few degrees above or below zero,
black ice can form on roadways within seconds.  The department
urges motorists to take particular care, even if a road appears
to be clear and safe.

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lm                                  January 18, 1995