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     The winners of the 13th annual home awards came from all
corners of the province, and were honored by Housing and Consumer
Affairs Minister Guy Brown in a ceremony today.

     The 13th Annual Home Awards Competition saw the greatest
number of entries, and the largest number of honourees.  Winners
were recognized in five categories which included home design,
home construction or delivery innovation, renovation, historical
restoration and energy efficiency.

     Winners for the home unit design was Dwight How for the
Smith Residence in Antigonish.  In the home construction or
delivery innovation category, the award went to R-2000 Nova
Scotia, for R-2000 Showcase of Healthier Homes.  Diane Rosati won
in the home renovation category for her home in Sable River.  In
the historical restoration category, Jens and Heather Jenson won
for their restoration of the Bank of Nova Scotia home in Amherst. 
This category is co-sponsored by the Department of Municipal
Affairs.  Charles and June Maginley won for their energy
efficient home located in Mahone Bay.

     "The Home Awards demonstrate once again Nova Scotia's unique
sense of style, and our commitment to quality," Mr. Brown said. 
"Nova Scotians have always taken a great deal of pride in their
homes, and that is certainly evident in the submissions we have
received in this year's competition."

     Along with the winners, 10 projects received an honourable
mention, while six letters of merit were awarded.

     The submissions were judged by a panel of experts in the
field of housing, which consisted of representatives of the Nova
Scotia Association of Architects, the Canadian Home Builders
Association, departments of Natural Resources and Municipal
Affairs as well as the Department of Housing and Consumer
Contact:  Michele McKinnon, 424-8998
lm                                      January 18, 1995


Winner - Home Unit Design--Dwight How for the Smith House,
     This home, built in the traditional architectural style
exudes appeal from any aspects.  It represents sound judgement in
selection of building materials and systems and meticulous
attention to interior and exterior detail design.  The
conscientious use of Nova Scotia materials and services deserves
particular notice.  The jury endorsed the owners comments that
"it is a beautiful and noteworthy contribution to the housing
stock of Nova Scotia."

Winner - Home Construction or Delivery Innovation--R-2000
Showcase of Healthier Homes, Ridgevale Valley, Bedford and
Carlisle Park Cole Harbour - This project was initiated by the
Nova Scotia Home Builders' Association and Clayton Developments
Ltd.  It involved a number of R-2000 builders, building and
marketing homes which reached a superior standard in all areas,
including indoor air quality, energy efficiency, environmental
sustainability and affordability.  The marketing success of the
showcase has been proven through positive results.  It began as
an idea of the private sector and grew to include many agencies
of the public sector as well.  It is this spirit of co-operation
and team approach which must also be applauded.

Winner - Home Renovation--Diane Rosati for "Tillys Head", Sable
River - This renovation started from an elegantly simple seaside
house which had been empty for 10 years.  The interior is a rich
blend of restoration of many of the interesting components of the
original house, such as the fireplace and trim work.  This work
in harmony with the newer sections which have exposed beam and
deck ceilings.  The jury was most impressed by the overall
cohesiveness of the entire project, which more than doubles the
size of the original house, yet remains true to its style and

Winner - Historical Restoration--Jens and Heather Jenson for Bank
of Nova Scotia building, Amherst - This home dates back to the
late 1800's, and the saga of this heritage property includes its
many years as home to bank managers of the Bank of Nova Scotia in
Amherst.  In November of 1993, it was extensively damaged by
fire.  However, the exterior of the building remained relatively
intact, due largely to the heavy timber framing, very similar to
barn construction of that era.  The architect and builder faced
great challenges in replacing sections of the original structural
system with present day framing techniques and the restoration of
the interior finishes.  The finished results are a testament to
the skills of craftsmen of past and present.

Winner - Energy Efficiency--Charles and June Maginley for
Maginley Residence, Mahone Bay - This project incorporates
materials and construction techniques which are environmentally
clean and suitable for someone with environmental sensitivities. 
The construction details and insulation levels are to R-2000
standards, and there is some passive solar heat generated and
stored through strategically placed windows.  Materials have been
carefully selected and screened for acceptability to
environmental hypersensitive people.  This project also received
an honourable mention for home construction.


     If you are interested in receiving a synopsis of the judge's
comments on the following, please contact Michele McKinnon, 424-
Honorable Mention--Home Unit Design--Robert Jeffries, Lake Echo,
Halifax County
Honorable Mention--Home Unit Design--Edward and Linda Rafuse,
Honorable Mention--Home Unit Design--Solterre Design for Cow
Cottage, Cow Bay
Honorable Mention--Home Construction--Charles and June Maginley,
Mahone Bay
Honorable Mention--Home Renovation--Mark Stewart, Port Lorne,
Annapolis county
Honorable Mention--Home Renovation--Hal Forbes for 5668
Cornwallis Street, Halifax
Honorable Mention--Home Renovation--Philip, Cecilia Cox, Geoff
Keddy, Armview Avenue, Halifax
Honorable Mention--Historical Restoration--Margaret Glabay--
Rockinghorse Inn, Sydney
Honorable Mention--Energy Efficient--Don Roscoe, Rafuse Point
Road, Lunenburg County
Honorable Mention--Energy Efficient--Robert Fraser, Mountain
Avenue, Dartmouth
Letter of Merit--Home Unit Design--Raven Spanier, Lower LeHave,
Lunenburg County
Letter of Merit--Home Unit Design--Paul Hines, Carlson Court,
Letter of Merit-Home Unit Design--Dian Day, Slater Road,
Gaspereau, Kings County
Letter of Merit-Home Renovation--Robert Sutherland, Point
Pleasant Drive, Halifax
Letter of Merit--Home Renovation--Hugh and Audrey Carter,
Brookfield, Colchester County
Letter of Merit--Historical Restoration--Robert and Felicity
Martell, Saint George's Channel, Richmond County.
lm                                      January 18, 1995