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     The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women and
representatives of local, provincial, and national women's
organizations will hold a news conference at 10 a.m., Thursday,
Jan. 19, in suite 221, Quinpool Centre, 6169 Quinpool Road, to
discuss the federal government's review of women's programs.

     Women's groups are concerned that decisions being made by
the federal cabinet could drastically alter the national "women's
machinery" by affecting such groups as the Canadian Advisory
Council on the Status of Women, a major source of feminist
research, and the Women's Program, a major source of funding for
women's groups across the country.

     Representatives of the following groups will deliver brief
remarks and take questions:

National action Committee on the Status of Women
Voice of Women Nova Scotia
Planned Parenthood Nova Scotia
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia
CONNECT (Association of Nova Scotia Women's Centres)
African United Baptist association Women's Institute
MSVU Women's Studies Program
Nova Scotia-Beijing Women's Action Group
Coverdale Courtwork Service
Dalhousie Women's Centre
Students Union of Nova Scotia
Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Public Service Alliance of Canada
Halifax YWCA
Contact:  Katherine McDonald, 424-8662
lm                                      January 18, 1995