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Margaret Campbell could have considered being laid off after 20
years with the same employer a disaster. Instead she saw the end
of her job with the Department of Health as the chance of a
lifetime and, using the Nova Scotia Economic Renewal Agency's
community business loan program, grasped it with both hands.

Ms. Campbell had always wanted to run her own bakery and
restaurant and she realized this was an ideal opportunity.
Unfortunately, she had no idea how to run a small business, so
she called the Dartmouth office of the Economic Renewal
Agency for advice. "I made few phone calls and talked with John
Veinot, who is an excellent person to deal with," she recalled.

Armed with a business plan and a first step loan she decided to
open Marg's Place in Eastern Passage, setting up the restaurant
from scratch. The loan allowed her to purchase some equipment and
renovate the building in time for opening on July 15. 

Now, Marg's Place employs two other people full-time and one
part-time and is well-known in the Eastern Passage area, both for
its busy restaurant and the breads, cookies, muffins and pies 
baked on the premises. Ms. Campbell has attracted business from
teachers' conferences in the area and is looking at the first 12
months as a time to build her client base.

Starting a new business involved a lot of hard work and long
hours, often as much as 16 hours a day, six days a week. However,
Ms. Campbell remains optimistic. "It's worth it, it's going
well," she said. 

     The Economic Renewal Agency also helped pave the way with
advice. "Any problem with permits and so on; John (Veinot) had
the literature," she said, "I think it's a very good program. The
Economic Renewal Agency couldn't have been more helpful, it
wasn't as hard to get set up as I thought it would be."

"The first step loan enabled Ms. Campbell to rebound from the
loss of her job and create other jobs through her own business,"
said said Economic Renewal Minister Ross Bragg. 

"This is something I always wanted to do," she said.
Contact:  Joe Cottreau, 902-424-3970
lm                               January 19, 1995