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     Home Care Nova Scotia has been unveiled in Pictou County
with the start-up of an acute care substitution project.

     Expanding on the home care services previously available in
the area, acute care substitution home care is open to
individuals who would normally be admitted to hospital.  The
project is operated out of Sutherland-Harris Memorial Hospital,
Pictou, and allows for people to stay in their own homes during

     "Only your family physician can refer you," explains Eleanor
MacDougall, Home Care Nova Scotia program administration officer
for the northern region.  "The physician must be confident that
treatment will last only seven to 10 days and that each of those
days the patient will need no more than four nursing visits and
eight hours of homemaking services."

     She says people who need more care than this may have to be

     Only physicians with admitting privileges to Sutherland-
Harris Memorial Hospital can refer West Pictou area patients to
acute care substitution.

     "We are very happy with the project," said Norman Ferguson,
hospital administrator.  "It means that people can get the care
they need without having to leave their homes."

     Once the physician has made the referral, the home care
assessor at Sutherland-Harris Memorial Hospital will visit the
patient and together, they will decide what care is needed and
arrangements will be made by the assessor.

     "People should know this is not an emergency service,"
Ferguson emphasized, "All emergency cases should come to the
hospital's emergency department."

     While in acute care substitution home care, the patient will
receive VON nursing care which includes administering medication
or changing dressings.  Other health care professionals such as
physiotherapists, dieticians and occupational therapists, as well
as home support workers, will visit as required.  Home support
services include meal preparation, light house work, help with
bathing and other personal needs.

     The project, which has $140,000 earmarked for it, is funded
and administered by the Department of Health in partnership with
the hospital and the community.  Acute care substitution is
another implementation project of Home Care Nova Scotia.
Contact:  Chris Hansen, 902-424-5925
          Norman Ferguson, 902-485-4324
lm                                    January 19, 1995